GlobalONE Can Provide Safety Attendants For Your Business

GlobalONE's Safety Attendants are available 24/7 during the COVID-19 crisis. We can provide attendants for admittance control, temperature checks, masks and safety protocol enforcement. Our attendants can provide service to grocery stores, event centers, theme parks, sporting events, airports and mass transit.

Whether it's your non-exempt employees or customers standing in line to get their temperature checked before entering your business, we understand time is money. We streamline the admittance process by providing accurate, non-intrusive temperature checks at rapid speed. ,We also monitoring for other signs and symptoms of COVID-19  and react to contain the situation as needed. 

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At GlobalONE, we are dedicated to our customers. Our Safety Attendant team and administrative  personnel are the best and most professional in the business. We follow all CDC and OSHA safety guidelines when  providing service to your employees and customers.   Our dedicated account managers offer a personalized service to make sure we truly understand your business needs.

Partner with GlobalONE, and you will experience the multiple benefits our company has to offer. 


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