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GlobalONE's Contact Tracers work with people who have tested positive for COVID-19 to identify people they have had contact with and let them know they may have been exposed to the disease. Our  team of contact tracers can work remotely to support the ongoing need for contact tracers.  We aim to provide the best customer service when we  call  persons diagnosed with COVID-19, establish all contacts of these people , and proceed to call and maintain ongoing communication with every contact. In addition, we provide support with the isolation and quarantine of individuals, as appropriate in cooperation with the states and federal governments.. Our contact tracers take and pass a course in COVID-19 Contact Tracing offered by Johns Hopkin University as well as HIPPA and Communicable Diseases before they enter the field. 

How Our Contact Tracing Program Works

If someone test positive, one of our COVID Contact Tracer will connects them with the support and resources they may need through quarantine, such as help getting groceries or household supplies, child care, medical care or supplies. Our Tracers work with them to identify and reach out via phone and text to anyone they been in contact with while they were infectious to trace and contain the spread of the virus.

People who have come in close contact with someone who is positive are asked to stay home and limit their contact with others. This is how we stop the spread! Testing, medical and quarantine support for them and their loved ones will be arranged. We do not release  names to anyone except where mandatory by law. Their  information is strictly confidential and is treated as a private medical record.

Information Gathering

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